Refinery’s insight into some of the big FashionTech companies.


And after L’Oreal’s new app Makeup Genius they are looking at other BeautyTech innovators.

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Fashonista gives a list of some of the BeautyTech they have noticed, it is all very mod. Check it out

And HERE is a look back at what Fashionista said about FashionTech last year… How are these companies doing now?

Messaging gets a virtual reality twist with new app Traces


The day has arrived, perhaps sooner than you’d predict: The messaging craze has gotten its own virtual reality upgrade. And no, it’s not some weird birth child out of the Facebook-Oculus Rift lab.

Not content to compete with the simple sharing of the Snapchats and the WhatsApps, British neuroscientist Dr. Beau Lotto conceived of Traces. It’s an interactive app where users can only see notes from their friends when they’re standing in a particular place. Geolocation meets messaging meets augmented reality meets tech brains everywhere exploding.

If you can get over the Silicon Valley-ness of the whole concept, the app is a window into marketing and communication in the future, and perhaps has something to do with Facebook’s purchase of Oculus Rift. It’s also just really cool.

Users select a contact, then add whatever media they want to their message. That can be a piece of music, text, a…

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Bibliophile #3


Books have influenced lives in all sorts of ways. But we don’t often hear these personal stories.

Call Me Ishmael is an inspiring project that encourages readers to anonymously share their stories.

The stories can be inspiring, funny, weird, beautiful and awkward, but all are meaningful to listen to.

I encourage you to share your experience with a book that changed your life!

Mine was a book by the name of Tory Hole by Louise Hall Tharp. Tory Hole was a book I read for English class in forth grade. The book was a historical fiction, my first delve into that genre. This book was about the American Revolutionary War located in what is now Darien, Connecticut, which is where I was going to school at the time. Most of the events were based on true events that happened down the street from the school. We even went on some field trips to the locations in the book.

Tory Hole inspired my love of history. It made me see that history is not just a distant story but something living and apart of us, that no matter how far away in time or distance history may seem it affects al of us. It made me feel directly connected to our country’s founding and freedom, which led me to, on my own, become a patriot from a very young age and with great understanding.  When I read it I was suffering from double vision at the time which led me to hate reading because of its difficulty. This book made history fun for me and I read it gladly.