Did the dam just open for internet TV? What the FCC news means for the cable industry and you


Why can no one figure out how to sell TV over the internet? Some of the biggest names in tech have tried and flamed out, like Intel, or offered only half-hearted solutions, like Apple TV. The reason these companies have come up short has less to do with technology than it does with a business and regulatory logjam that protects incumbents.

Now, that logjam is about to break. This week, the FCC announced a process that is poised to change the TV business and let everyone from [company]Apple[/company] to Aereo line up to compete with the cable companies.

What exactly did the FCC announce?

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said in a blog post he is passing around a proposal that would allow would-be internet TV providers to operate the same way that cable and satellite companies do. The goal is to create a “technology-neutral” regime for TV.

Why is this a big deal?


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Venture Investors Get Fashion Fever As Early Stage Deals Soar


Editor’s Note: Christine Magee is an analyst for CrunchBase.

There’s a brand new dance in venture capital, as investors have gone fashion-mad.

After watching JustFab and Gilt Groupe explode into billion dollar companies while Warby Parker raised over $100 million to sell stylish eyeglasses, investors are eager to discover the next big hit.

Venture investors have spent nearly $800 million in fashion-related deals so far this year, over half of which are seed stage fundings for young startups.

2014 investment totals are on pace to beat last year’s $900 million, with Q2 of this year seeing a record high of over $300 million in venture deals tracked.

High fashion e-commerce giants like JustFab and Gilt Groupe in the U.S., Zalora in Asia, Russia’s Lamoda and Brazilian Dafiti are all fashion marketplaces that have racked up some of the highest totals for venture investments in the fashion space.

But recently a new generation of vertically integrated, venture-backed brands have emerged…

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Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai Urges Girls To Participate In Code.org’s Hour Of Code


Young Pakistani activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai has thrown in her support for Code.org’s Hour of Code program to get young women and girls into computer science.

Just days after becoming the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner in history, Yousafzai took to YouTube to implore young women and girls in every country to do one hour of code. “You can do it, even if you don’t have a computer,” she tells the audience.

The program was backed with support from President Obama and a slew of other politicians, celebrities and tech giants such as Microsoft and Google through a grass roots campaign last December. The idea was to get every student to try their hand at coding.

Code.org founders Hadi and Ali Partovi expected to reach about 5 million students at the beginning of last year’s campaign. Hour of Code has now reached 40 million students in over…

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Social Commerce App CardBlanc Puts A Shopping Mall On Your Phone


CardBlanc, a new e-commerce application targeting millennial spenders officially launched today, introducing a financial platform for easier mobile checkout combined with social activity similar to what you’d see on sites like Pinterest or Wanelo. The effort, which involves an iOS app and virtual payment card backed by PayPal, aims to turn product discovery into real-world purchases by allowing users to not only see what their friends “like,” but also what they’re actually buying.

To use CardBlanc, consumers just download the app to their phones and set up an account. The “card” provided is merely a front-end to a PayPal account for now, but co-founder and CEO Tina Hay says they want to open up to more funding sources in the future, including credit and debit cards.

In the meantime, however, users can load funds onto their virtual cards by transferring from their bank accounts, or they can simply use their…

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