Twitter’s CEO Will Respond To Whether He’s High Once He Finishes These Doritos


Peter Thiel thinks Twitter is more 420 than 140-characters. In a CNBC interview today, the famous Facebook investor bashed its competitor saying “Twitter is hard to evaluate. They have a lot of potential. It’s a horribly mismanaged company—probably a lot of pot-smoking going on there.”

And when Twitter employee Jason Goldman ribbed Twitter CEO and former improv comedian Dick Costolo about it, the chief had the perfect response. After Goldman joked that maybe it was Thiel who was blazed when he said he wanted to live on a seasteading platform with its own laws, Dick replied “working my way through a giant bag of Doritos. I’ll catch up with you later.”

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Technology And The Challenge Of Democracy


Editor’s note:Dennis Hu is the CEO of fundraising platform Fundly.

Information is more available and accessible than ever before, and we are witnessing the power of the crowd to respond to news events with greater impact. As technology continues to play a larger role in our everyday lives, we must ask ourselves what ultimately is the responsibility of technology when it comes to the dissemination of information?

At Fundly, we see thousands of campaigns daily, from a small-town parent raising money for her kid’s school to massive fundraising efforts by some of the world’s largest charities. We also see polarizing campaigns such as the one started by a teacher from North Carolina that raised over $150,000 in a few days to help feed the children of Ferguson, Mo.

The Role of Technology

While the campaign to feed the students of Ferguson was mostly well-received by the public…

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White House names two ex-Googlers to top technology posts


The Obama Administration on Thursday announced it is naming Megan Smith (pictured above), an engineer who overseas Google X “moonshot” projects, as its new chief technology officer, while naming Alex MacGillivray, a former lawyer for Google and Twitter as her deputy.

Smith will replace outgoing CTO Todd Park, who will continue to serve the White House from Silicon Valley, and who is best known for helping to repair the disastrous launch of the site.

The arrival of Smith and MacGillivray, both of whom are very highly regarded in Silicon Valley, suggests the Obama Administration remains committed to revamping the federal government’s benighted IT system, while addressing a growing host of tech-related privacy and free speech issues.

Smith is an MIT-trained engineer who has worked on projects like “Project Loon,” which aims to put deliver blimp-based internet service and helped develop familiar services like Google Earth and Google Maps.

MacGillivray is known…

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UK Startups Call On Politicians To Improve Visas, Broadband, Skills, Regulation


Ahead of the next General Election, over 150 UK tech startups and investors have backed a new “Startup Manifesto” (in PDF or Slideshare) aimed at lobbying the main UK political parties to shape policy towards a tech-driven society.

The non-partisan 24-point Startup Manifesto, published by the non-profit Coalition for a Digital Economy (known as Coadec) asks policymakers to — among others things — invest in super fast broadband and relax rules on hiring international talent, including streamlining visas for entrepreneurs and graduates, and improve the teaching of coding in schools.

The backers of the Manifesto, include a who’s-who of the UK tech scene including King,TransferWise, SwiftKey, Lovestruck, Funding Circle, MOO, Index Ventures, Balderton Capital, Passion Capital, Techstars London, Seedcamp and Accel Partners.

The Manifesto, put together by Coadec Executive Director Guy Levin (a former economic adviser to the Chancellor, George Osborne MP, when he was in Opposition) has received…

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Why Founders Should Know How to Code

Steve Blank

By knowing things that exist, you can know that which does not exist.”
Book of Five Rings

A startup is not just about the idea, it’s about testing and thenimplementing the idea.

A founding team without these skills is likely dead on arrival.


I was driving home from the BIO conference in San Diego last month and had lots of time for a phone call with Dave, an ex student and now a founder who wanted to update me on his Customer Discovery progress. Dave was building a mobile app for matching college students who needed to move within a local area with potential local movers. He described his idea like “Uber for moving” and while he thought he was making real progress, he needed some advice.

Customer Discovery
As the farm fields flew by on the interstate I listened as Dave described how he translated his vision into

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What Happened To Jennifer Lawrence Was Sexual Assault

The Belle Jar

TW for talk of sexual assault, victim blaming, misogyny

You’ve probably heard about the nude photographs of Jennifer Lawrence that were leaked online yesterday. The leak also included nude pictures of Kirsten Dunst, Ariana Grande, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and several other women, but, naturally, it’s Lawrence who’s drawing most of the heat because she’s super-famous right now. She’s also known for being charmingly awkward and honestly if I had to place any bets I would guess that most people were hoping that she would respond to this with some kind of hilariously crass Real Talk about sex and her body and being naked. I keep seeing comments by people who want her to provide the punchline to this joke; what they don’t seem to understand is that this is not a joke, this is a form of sexual assault.

Jennifer Lawrence and the other women involved in this leak were photographed…

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