Whats happening in your hometown?

Starting on a slightly unrelated topic I am going to stand up on my soap box for a second. If I had to chose one social issue to be passionate about it would be creating an educated electorate in the United States. What does that mean? Getting rid of ignorance, being scientifically literate while also having a well rounded background in the humanities, cultivating an American culture that places importance on creative and critical thinking.

I think the media has done a lot of damage to our electorate, but one media outlet I love is Aljazeera America. They are one of the few sources of true journalism we have left.

Now onto the news I want to share to you!

Video Link

Check out the link above!

As a resident of New York City I am very excited about this story. NYC is welcoming the future ! Old payphones… ugh they are so last year. Now what if all payphones were WiFi hotspots and phone charging stations? I am honestly surprised this is just happening now.

I mean how many times has your phone died on the way to meet a friend for dinner after work? Well soon you can just take a deep breath and charge your phone on the sidewalk.

I am not sure how much I love the idea of Google taking up the offer of being the company to provide this. Don’t they have enough of a monopoly on tech business already? Do they need to take over New York’s streets as well? I am not sure but it is just something to be aware of.

Let me know what you think !


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